mission bay2016

Mission Bay

offered from $397,900*

Columbia Avenue Rendersm


Offered from $399,900*

Sunset home spec

Sunset Bay

offered from $399,900*



offered from $419,900*



offered from $399,900*

* Final Price Subject to Site Conditions, Building Regulations and Final Engineering Price Subject to Change Without Notice

Custom Homes at the Beach

Over the years we have discovered the importance of collaborating with the various players involved in the construction process to ensure that we are all working with a common design goal, budget and timeline. Lane Builders has developed a new Custom Home Program which focuses on the assembling of a team of professional involved in the construction process, consisting of a realtor, architect/designer, outside consultants and the owner.  We invite you to view some of our custom homes in our gallery.


At Lane Builders we strive to make the remodeling process as smooth and efficient as the homes we build, giving you the reliability and quality you expect at the best possible cost, and in a timely fashion. Your remodel will have a dedicated team of design and management professionals whose purpose is to offer you the best customer service possible.

We at Lane Builders view remodeling as one of the most sustainable building practices.  This is because we are reusing and revitalizing existing buildings. We specialize in the remodeling of existing spaces such as kitchens and baths along with additions of new rooms and complete home renovations. We can also save you money every month for the life of your home by making it more energy efficient. We invite you to view some of our remodelled homes in our renovations and additions gallery.


A Word from Our Clients

Over 9 years ago we selected Lane Builders to build our beautiful beach house in Cape Shores. Prior to selecting Lane, we spoke to a number of people who had recently had homes built in the area...some by Lane, some by competitors, and nearly everyone we spoke to recommended Lane. Thankfully we followed their advice.  Although they were not the least expensive option, they were without a doubt the smartest option. I can truly say from start to finish it was a pleasure. They worked extremely closely with us in not only designing the home, but also in selecting everything from siding to faucets, often making suggestions that either greatly improved the functionality of our home, or saved us money. And, throughout the process they never missed a deadline even when our indecisiveness held things up a bit. Now after 9 years the house still feels and looks like it did when it was new -in fact, I hear that comment often, and yet this house has seen it's share of crowds and parties. The house is solidly built and has weathered a number of storms without ever losing a even a single shingle. We often times say, if we were to build another house on the Delaware coast, the only builder we would consider using is Lane.

Betty Sweeny