It takes a special builder to make your dream home a reality.  At Lane Builders you get…

  • Three decades of experience blending your personal style with prize-winning architectural design. 
  • Hard-learned lessons from this region’s powerful winds and pounding rain that ensure your home keeps the weather outside, warmth and beauty within. 
  • Creatively designed views that make Delaware’s coastal charm part of your daily life. 
  • Skilled artisans to install and artfully craft custom motifs into special materials like granite, marble and oak. 
  • Accurate estimates of time and cost, based on detailed records during 20+ years of quality home construction for Delaware’s beach resorts.
  • Weekly progress reports including photographs and videos as your project moves forward.
  • Unprecedented access to the Lane partner overseeing your dream home. 
  • Assurance that for the first full year of occupancy we ensure your complete satisfaction.  
  • Lifetime membership in the Lane family of homeowners – a unique relationship with our clients best understood by reading the testimonials elsewhere on our site.  (LINK)


The following pages walk you through the steps Lane follows to get you from your dream of a new home to comfortably settling into the real thing.

The Vision >>