custom-house-plansIt starts with your vision.  Clients come to Lane with generic house plans, ideas and usually renderings of homes with features they would like to make part of their own house design.  Managing partner Jeff Burton reviews that material with you, looking for patterns in style and taste to incorporate into your new home.

A first consideration is the home’s orientation on the lot. Most coastal lots in Sussex County are deep and narrow, so if a client is envisioning horizontal (wider than deep), Jeff helps them convert their thinking to accommodate their site.

Exterior features include such things as windows, columns, rooflines, molding, and decks. From recurring features in a client’s clippings, Jeff identifies patterns in their preferences.  For instance, pictured homes may be completely different, but if they all feature octagonal windows and tapered columns it’s a good bet the client will want those in their own dream home.  

Once the overall appearance of the house is discussed, clients tell Jeff the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they want and describe rooms like their kitchen, entryways and living areas. Often, clients will ask for novel treatments to express one-of-a-kind personal touches.  This is where Lane’s contacts with artists and artisans they have worked with proves invaluable.  Experience also helps Jeff advise on rough costs to keep their dream home on budget.

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