"One of Lane Builders best features is their commitment to their top quality of workmanship..."

 To Whom It May Concern:
This is written to let you know how pleased and happy we are with having Lane Builders build our new home. We highly recommend them for building the homes of
others and would not hesitate to use them again if we were to build another home.

We decided to tear down our beach house and build a new that would eventually be our retirement home. The design phase took over a year since we had a triangular shaped lot and wanted our custom home to meet our dream requirements while being unique with many curved features and special designs instead of the more traditional
box house. We reached out to Lane Builders to build our home since they were highly recommended by our neighbors who were using Lane Builders to a major remodel on
their home.

Building a custom home is much more than the bottom dollar total that comes in on a bid. Although the Lane Builders cost estimate was less than the others, we were also
concerned about reputation, workmanship, transparency, and good communications. We randomly selected several of the homes that Lane had recently built and received
glowing recommendations about their workmanship and fair cost. Without hesitation, all said they would use Lane Builders again.  

Jeff Burton took the time to show us the details of all his cost calculations and basis for allowances that he had in the quote. Since one of us is an accountant, being able to dig into the detail and look for any possible cost savings was very important and greatly appreciated.  

While the architectural plans try to outline all the details and be very specific, our plans had a number of items that needed to be determined as the house was being constructed. This is where Lane Builders extensive experience, quality sub-contractors, and tremendous effort to please their clients are extremely valuable. Lane Builders was able to foresee potential problems or ways to improve the home that our architect and we had overlooked. For example, at no additional cost, our roof line was improved to give us additional attic height and space that we had not expected. Another example is how Lane Builders came up with an effective solution for the placement of the bed in our rounded second master suite by adding an attractive half wall for the bed.

Lane Builders also welcomes a good challenge such as the many curves that we have in our home. Framing, sheet rocking, crown molding, and stairs are not as easy to do
when you are not working with a flat surface and any errors are much more pronounced. We still receive praising complements and awe on how Lane Builders (under the direction of perfectionist Rick Blades and his team) and their excellent subcontractors strive for nothing less than perfection in turning architectural dreams into reality. 


Building your dream home is exciting, but also very stressful with all the decisions and selections that you have to make. Lane Builders removed a lot of the stress by
providing many ideas and recommendations that led us in the right direction. Building our home did not become a homeowner verses builder situation. Instead it was a “we
together” experience that helped to reduce the stress. Lane Builders would not be out of pocket if we went over our allowances, but they were always there to direct us on
how to obtain more for our money such as with our kitchen cabinetry selection. 

One of Lane Builders best features is their commitment to their top quality of workmanship and backing that up by holding their subcontractors, suppliers and themselves accountable even after the keys were turned over to us. We tend to be fussy and demanding, but Lane Builders keeps on coming through for us. When our shower floor was not draining properly, they had the tile person return to correct the problem. When our decking material had problems, they tenaciously went to bat for us to have the decking replaced. When one segment of railing did not butt up against the wall just perfectly, the railing was removed and corrected.

It has been a little over three years since we have moved into our home and we are still amazed on the wonderful job that Lane Builders did building our home. This becomes even more evident when we compare notes with other homeowners who were not as lucky to have a builder as reliable and committed as Lane Builders. These other homeowners and friends or family in the construction business are always reminding us
how fortunate we are and how they wished that they had Lane Builders to build their home. We continue to receive many compliments on our home that we attribute to
Land Builders.

Lane Builders are not only a business as they have now become our very good and reliable friends.


Needless to say, we very highly recommend to anyone that is considering building a home to use Lane Builders. We do not believe that you would find a better builder at a
reasonable cost to build your home that will result in your home dreams coming true as they did for us. We would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about our positive
experience in using Lane Builders and answer any questions that you might have or allow you to walk through our house to see the Lane Builders results in person.

Tom Holmes & Mario Rocha