"Unpacking in our new custom Lane home."

Jeff Burton, managing partner, is super-smart, highly knowledgeable & competent, and supervised our project from start to finish, with the excellent help of Mark Beam. We were originally planning to buy an existing home in downtown Rehoboth, but chanced upon a project which was in its early stages. Jeff worked with us to keep the home within our budget by eliminating some of the truly luxe features he had initially envisioned (a salt-water pool, for instance, and while I love to swim, we couldn't justify the cost and the maintenance). With the help of designer Barbara who has impeccable taste, I was able to select colors & designs which are beyond beautiful, but also functional for a couple plus their teenager (and visiting 20-something boys and their SOs). There were a few glitches along the way, but Jeff & Mark are problem solvers who repair or replace rapidly and efficiently. One example (from many during the build process) which impressed us -- there was an open groove (defect) on one of the Aztec planks of the entryway steps, which honestly neither my husband nor I even noticed (and might never have). Jeff Burton insisted on replacing that plank because he is a perfectionist who wants things symmetrical and "right." I recommend Lane without reservations to anyone undertaking a renovation or new construction in the Delmarva area. Lane has worked for years with the same painters, carpenters, roofers, etc., so you're getting experienced workmen who are vested in your home.

Suzanne Goode