Our team-building commitment begins in Preconstruction. It is in this phase that the layout, the design and finishes, and the long term energy use of your home are developed. Lane Builders can provide different levels of support depending on the needs of your project.

We often work as part of an Architect-Builder Collaborative, wherein your architect completes architectural programming, preliminary design, and design development. Lane Builders then provides development of the construction documents and management of the permitting process. It is very important to Lane Builders, and to the project, that the architect continue to be part of the team during construction, both for periodic review and detail development. This partnership works extremely and would be happy to provide referrals.

When working with an architect who is managing design, engineering and permitting, it is critical that a project team be assembled and consulted early in the design process. Lane Builders can provide cost estimating and proactive value engineering solutions, assuring that the final design meets your expected budget. We also provide years’ worth of building science and green building expertise to help make value and quality decisions on material and finish selections. This familiarity helps minimize surprise costs during construction and insure a positive experience for our clients. In fact Jeff Burton is also a Co-Owner of Solair LLC. Solair is Delaware and Maryland’s premier solar energy company.

If you have completed design and/or the permitting process, and are searching for the right builder for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Lane Builders can bring many creative cost and energy efficiency solutions to the table, and complete cost estimating and scheduling for you.