const3New home construction takes nine or ten months, not unlike another important act of creation. The region’s mild winters allow year-round scheduling with weather only occasionally affecting the pace.  The key to this phase is communication. Every home has a full-time Lane superintendent/partner on site whenever work is being done. Critical to Lane’s reputation for satisfied customers are weekly progress reports that go out to clients every Friday accompanied by photos and videos as needed. The reports describe details of all work completed that week plus work planned for the following week.

Lane’s onsite supervisors not only oversee work, but are on hand to problem-solve whenever issues arise that were impossible to anticipate from drawings. For instance, a planned placement of a window designed to permit a dramatic view of the Lewes Lighthouse and Ferry looked good on paper, but when observed from inside the actual house was obstructed by a deck railing. The window was replaced by eight feet of thermal glass and that view became the defining feature of the house.

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