"Even months after construction Lane provides the ultimate in customer service..."

Please be advised that it is such a great pleasure to conduct business with Lane Builders. A major addition/renovation took place last year that was completely flawless.

Matching a new addition to an existing home in which previous blueprints are not accurate is a huge task in itself. However, when you match trim, doors, hardware, paint, wood flooring, marble, siding, roofing and tile to a twelve year home it becomes nothing short of a miracle.

Jeff Burton and Rick Blades along with crew leader Dennis, Larry, Tony and Franklin take great pride in their workmanship. The job is not finished until everyone is well satisfied. Lane's sub-contractors are their equal being of the finest quality. Every item is important to them regardless of how small or big. The location of electric outlets and switches, cable hook-ups, doors and closets, steel beams, foundation, and efficient use of square footage are never overlooked.

Another great hurdle that Lane Builder's and associates passed without any blemish is that not a thing was missing or damaged from our home. We lived on location during construction and Lane was very accommodating. Even months after construction Lane provides the ultimate in customer service. Lane Builders excels in all aspects and I would not hesitate a second to use them again.

Sincerely yours,
David T Kaplan